Page 86 "Actions & Initiatives"


Crawl You are prone
Close combat attack Close Combat
Shoot firearm Firearm Ranged Combat
Burst of full auto fire Firearm Ranged Combat
Throw weapon Thrown weapon Ranged Combat
Reload Firearm -
First aid Broken or dying victim Medical Aid
Stop panic Panicking character Command
Give orders Character who can hear you Command
Persuade Your opponent can hear you Manipulation
Use signature item Signature item -
Climb into space suit Space suit Mobility
Start engine Vehicle -


Fast Action Prerequisite Skill
Run No enemy at Engaged range -
Move through door/hatch - -
Get up You are prone -
Draw weapon - -
Block attack Attacked in close combat Close Combat
Pick up item - -
Shove Enemy at Engaged range Close Combat
Grapple attack You’ve grappled an opponent Close Combat
Retreat Enemy at Engaged range Mobility
Aim Ranged weapon -
Seek cover Cover in same zone -
Assume overwatch position Ranged weapon -
Grab the wheel Vehicle -
Drive Vehicle Piloting
Enter/exit vehicle Vehicle -
Use item Varies Varies